• Afterlife Woodland work in progress (audio work). Photo: Paul Blakemore

  • Brass Calls, (audio work). Photo: Stephen King

  • Over The Threshold, (performances for camera). Photo: French&Mottershead/Adrian Wood

  • Understory 1-12: 9 Tuulastas¬†(participatory performance). Photo: Pekka Makinen

  • The Shops Project: Casa Preto Velho (participatory photographs)

  • Walkways,¬†documentary video still (performances for camera)

French & Mottershead are the UK artist duo Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead. Creating multi-artform experiences that are as playful and poetic as they are subversive, French & Mottershead invite participants to think again about who they are, and their ties to place and one another … more