Workshop with trainee journalists – Shopping Landscapes

Posted 1 July 2009 in Talks and Workshops UK - Sheffield




Workshop with The Cube trainee journalists, summer 2009

Show & Tell of our work to date and explaining the strands of our residency at Site Gallery. As trainee journalists, the team asked questions, shared ideas and sought advice for their own shops related project.

The group then used a similar approach to our Romania shops project, (which culminated in a door-to-door style supermarket pamphlet), setting out to use journalistic techniques to explore shopping habits in their own city. A selection of interviews and photos from the project was later made into a feature – I Shop Therefore I Am, and was printed as part of the autumn 2009 issue of Cube with the intention of also highlighting FrenchMottershead’s subsequent exhibition at the gallery to younger audiences.

“Wow. I didn’t know artists got commissioned to travel and explore in the way these guys have. Kind of creative detective work! It’s been a real insight into new styles of art I didn’t know about and it’s been great to actually take part as well”.Conor Lewis, Trainee Journalist, Cube Magazine