Selected for Artists’ Residency in Japan

Posted 14 January 2013 in Residencies

Our fellow artists will be:

-Ira Brand
-Noriyuki Kiguchi
-Matthew Morris

Each of us will spend one month (17/1-17/2/13) making new work in response to a set of Rules designed to challenge established artistic practice. Work will be shown at TPAM (9-10/2) and the Nightingale, Brighton, UK (22-23/2).

The Rules:
-Find the stage.
-You also are here.


Notes before reading The Rules
Sunday 13 January, 11.46am
I hope they will make me laugh – both with recognition and with horror!

Notes after reading The Rules
Sunday 13 January 11.53am
Ha ha. Well the first one made me laugh out loud. Perhaps I’ll attack Andrew with a knife.
And then the remaining three seem quite appropriate to our intentions for the residency. One question for us is how we make work that doesn’t require both of us to be present for all of the process and all of the presentation. So those questions of balance, and also being there while perhaps not actually being there are apposite.
And then as we’ve previously always made site-based work, ‘being here, in this place’ has been very important.
And then, what might ‘a stage’ mean for us and how might we find that in Japan … oooh, very very exciting. Must go off now and start to pack.
Thanks Seth. See you at Heathrow.

Rebecca French