What would you do? British Museum engaging artists

Posted 1 May 2015 in News

Over the last few weeks, we’ve taken part in What would you do?, a provocative workshop at The British Museum. Amongst other artists and museum staff, we were invited to consider ways in which the museum might be able to provide greater levels of creative autonomy for artists, as well as genuine collaborations with communities.

The project invited artists to engage with the museum. We had the opportunity to have a tour of the Ancient lives new discoveries exhibition with Daniel Antoine, the Museum’s Curator of Physical Anthropology, with responsibility for the Museum’s human remains. And then a tour behind of scenes of the storage areas and labs, where human remains are conserved and researched.

We also attended the symposium for museum professionals on Curating Human Remains.

This was a great workshop to be a part of – initiated and skillfully run by Sophie Mallett, Ania Bas, Sophie Hope and Siân Hunter Dodsworth.

Looking forward to potential next steps.