Microperformance at MK Gallery

Posted 10 November 2020 in Exhibitions News

French & Mottershead, Look and judge, MK Gallery 2020. Photo: French & Mottershead

Come to MK Gallery for new ‘Microperfomance’ pieces as part of their next show MK Calling 2020. One is an update of The People Series to be acted out at the exhibition preview. The other extends the project to a new series of text-based posters installed around the building, intended to invite visitors to engage with the gallery in a playful way for the time span of the exhibition. With both works, the performance unfolds almost totally invisibly. But reality is subtly altered.

Read full info on MK Gallery exhibition page

Tickets: Free

Dates: 15th February -17th May, 2020 (extended to 1st November 2020)

Times: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am to 7pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm

Venue: MK Gallery, 900 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes, MK9 3QA