The Shops Project Video Companion (DVD)

A collection of exhibition works and process documentation, published to accompany the book People, Places, Process: The Shops Project by French & Mottershead.


All the videos resulted from work periods with local shops in cities in Brazil, China, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania and the UK, and were originally produced for the exhibition The Shops Project, Site Gallery, Sheffield, 21 November 2009 – 13 February 2010.

The project, exhibition and book were commissioned by Site Gallery. The Shops Project was supported by: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China; Vector Association, Iasi, Romania; Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Platform Garanti, Istanbul, Turkey; and The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation.

Published by French & Mottershead and the Live Art Development Agency, 2011. 1 PAL DVD, 101 minutes.

Available through Unbound
ISBN: 9780956134233


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Exhibition Works
Title, (format, duration), year, book index

Jagoda Documentary, (HDV, 18.34 mins), 2009, pp. 68-71, 73-74

Nevenka, Ursula, Alenka and Janja. Customers of Laura, (HDV, 9.55 mins), 2009, pp. 72, 77-82

Sao Paulo
Flower Markets, (DV 5:08 mins, looped), 2008, pp. 100, 106—107

Customers of Illegal Traders
In-between Police Patrols, (DV, 6:43 mins), 2008, pp. 104, 110-111

Titi and Elena’s Kiosk, (DV, Silent,
4:23 mins, abridged version of looped slideshow), 2008,
pp. 148-149

Excerpt from Bardwell’s (Electronic Components), (HDV, 8:48 mins of 70:00 mins full version), 2009
pp. 191,194—197

Process Documentation

Early Works
Shops Slideshow — Documentation,
(DV, Silent, 2:55 mins), 2007,
pp. 16-25

Pork Supply Chain: Documentary,
(DV, 6:42 mins), 2008,
pp. 42-45, 57-60

Guan Hanji & Xiao Wangqin’s shop (Grocer), (DV, 3:49 mins), 2008,
pp. 47-49

International Trader Tips Vox Pop,
(DV, 4:16 mins), 2008, pp. 52, 54—55

Calculator Swap, (DV, 1:46 mins),
2008, pp. 52-53, 62

Laura (Fashion Boutique), (DV, 5:24 mins), 2009, pp. 72, 77-82

Cumparaturi Alese, (DV, 13:19 mins), 2009, pp.130-140

Titi & Elena’s Kiosk, (DV, 4:01 mins), 2009, pp. 148-149

Pinar (Butcher), (HDV, 5:26 mins), 2009, pp. 166-177


Video editing and DVD design by French & Mottershead.

Video assistance from: Guangzhou, China: Hui Zoochi; Ljubljana, Slovenia: Robertina Sebjanic and Mirjana Batinic; Istanbul, Turkey: Ozcan Vardar.

Published to accompany the book People, Places Process: The Shops Project (ISBN 978-1-899926-08-4), published by Site Gallery, Sheffield, and distributed by Unbound and Cornerhouse Publications UK.