People, Places, Process: The Shops Project (Book)

This publication compiles four years of research, documentation and artworks that have resulted from French & Mottershead’s international Shops project, which looks at societies through the lens of their local shops.



Published by Site Gallery
Sheffield, 2010

Edited by: Gerrie van Noord
Design: Sara De Bondt and Jasmine Raznahan
Print: Cassochrome

ISBN 9781899926084

220 pages, paperback, 40 full colour and 180 black and white photographs throughout. 17cm x 24cm.

Available through Site Gallery

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Texts by the artists and local writers from the cities they’ve visited – including Ljubljana, São Paulo, Salvador, Iasi, Istanbul, Guangzhou and Sheffield – sit alongside contributions from Peter Jackson, Professor of Human Geography at The University of Sheffield and writer and lecturer Emma Cocker. Together they show, describe and analyse unique customers’ and shop owners’ stories in a range of different shopping landscapes, emphasising their differences but also revealing their connections and common grounds.

Published to accompany the project and solo exhibition The Shops Project,
Site Gallery, Sheffield, 21 November 2009 – 13 February 2010.

The residencies and work periods that resulted in work represented in the exhibition and this book took place in: Bahia, Brazil, 2008; São Paulo, Brazil, 2008; Guangzhou, China, 2008; Iasi, Romania, 2008; Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009; Istanbul, Turkey, 2009; Sheffield, England, 2009.

Earlier Shops works were commissioned by the ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio, Finland in 2005, and subsequently in the United Kingdom by Newlyn Gallery and ArtSurgery, Penzance, the Liverpool Biennial and EASTinternational, Norwich.

Commissioned and produced by Site Gallery, and funded by Arts Council England: Grants for the Arts, Artists Links Brazil, the EU Culture Programme 2007, and the Raitu Family Foundation

The Shops Project has been supported by: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China; Vector Association, Iasi, Romania; Galerija Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Platform Garanti, Istanbul, Turkey.