Audio work, (27:20mins) - from the Afterlife series

Photo: French & Mottershead

Photo: French & Mottershead

Homebody traces the ultimate fear of loneliness: the fear of dying alone and undiscovered. As your body decomposes, your personal and social connections disintegrate, and colonies of bacteria, fungi and insects drag your body slowly into other ecologies.

This work is intended to happen in the listeners’ own home, lying in their own bed.

On now:
Click here to listen, Homebody as part of The London Open 2018, Whitechapel Gallery.

‘It has made me think about my life and want to revisit my choices of living alone without any responsibilities.’ – participant feedback

‘Meditative. Makes you feel very alive, very real. Interesting confrontation with truth in a very gentle way.’ – participant feedback

‘I was going to say I enjoyed it but it’s probably the wrong word to use. It is really interesting, and a really interesting experience for me.’– participant feedback

‘Peaceful acceptance, relativity of my own importance, my own body.[I was left with a sense of] Melancholy.’ – participant feedback

‘Caught the amazing audio work from French & Mottershead at Sutton House … exploring what happens to our bodies as we decompose…compelling and fascinating.’ – participant feedback