Over the Threshold

The Photographers' Gallery, Soho, London, 2011

  • When needed, we look out for each other

  • We’ve lived here our whole lives

  • We work from home

  • We put them to bed every night

  • We cope with the pressures of living in a small space

  • Our challenge is to keep things growing

  • The street life does more than keep us up

  • We like that no-one bats an eyelid here

  • We never take no for an answer; we fight our own corner

  • We hear the clatter of hooves as the Cavalry passes by

  • From here we can walk everywhere

Photos: French & Mottershead and Adrian Wood

A series of photographic works, developed during a 6 month residency, offering a unique insight into the lives of the inhabitants of Soho, London. Working collaboratively, we photographed groups of Soho residents in their homes, who identified with a particular joy or challenge of living in the neighbourhood. These themes – from fighting for residents’ rights, to the joy being able walk everywhere – were drawn out of numerous conversations with locals about their lives. The resulting images were initially shown in a pop up gallery in the heart of Soho and then on The Photographers’ Gallery hoardings throughout Summer 2011.

Commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery and supported by Bloomberg and Arts Council England