Daslu, São Paulo

Posted 21 March 2008 in Brazil - São Paulo Class divide/inequalities Upscale

Daslu is a super posh designer boutique come department store, now situated in Vila Olimpia. It’s reputedly the most exclusive shopping experience in South America, but it has also attracted much unwanted controversy recently.  Firstly, due to to the construction of its opulent new home right next to Coliseu, one of the city’s many favelas, and secondly an investigation of its importation procedures and tax payments.

We asked to work with Daslu for another reason. They are renowned for the service they offer their customers including complimentary champagne, personal maids (the Dasluettes), and a helipad, ‘So you don’t have to been seen by anyone on the street’. They said no, but we went there anyway and took many of photos of the helipad (including those of this video), where we would have wanted to photograph their customers.