Update from Yokohama

Posted 23 January 2013 in Residencies

Well … we’ve been here a few days. Starting to get a handle on how to shop, cook, sleep, wash etc.

Highlight so far has been the vending machines which serve HOT cans. On literally every street, there’s a choice of ‘smoked coffee for real men’, ‘premium coffee with a radiant-like beauty’ for the ladies and ‘a health fizzy drink, increasing the vitality of men going all-out every day’, presumably for those who’ve run out of Viagra.

Work-wise, been spending the first few days exchanging written ideas via a ‘collaborative notebook’, adding to each other’s starting points. Quite fruitful.

Visited the space for the first time today. It’s a proper theatre space with raked seating! Rather intimidating. http://www.kaat.jp/english/

Tomorrow we’ll start trying things out, physically, in the studio.

Rebecca French