Low Wind Rising on the Artangel Open 2014 Longlist

Posted 1 June 2014 in News

We are pleased to report our Low Wind Rising proposal made the Artangel Open 2014 Longlist.

The project was chosen amongst the best from over 700 submissions, though disappointing the idea didn’t make the top two.

If commissioners out there would like to help make a film/sound project that uses Foley to help people express people emotion, please do get in touch 😉


Low Wind Rising is an exploration of sound, that will create a shared cinematic experience of emotions.

Taking the form of a film and a Foley soundscape, the work will be made in collaboration with experts in sound, memory and film, and people from local communities.

Central to this project is unearthing the emotive capacity of sound in relation to individuals and their personal histories, and appropriating Foley – the use of everyday objects to mimic sound effects to enhance film – as mechanism for people to express their emotions.

From this research, we’ll create a Foley orchestral score to be performed by people with profound connections to the big emotions the score is designed to evoke. The collective action will be filmed, resulting in an immersive film and sound installation for public exhibition.

Our interest in combining emotion, Foley and collective action began with The River Flows Gently, a particpatory performance for a theatre audience made during a residency in Japan in 2013, in which when we directed the actions of an audience of hundreds to evoke a series of emotive soundscapes.