Book tickets for Woodland at Brighton Festival this May

Posted 6 March 2018 in Afterlife Exhibitions News

French & Mottershead, Woodland. Photo: Paul Blakemore.

We are getting ready to install ‘Woodland’ in Stanmer Park for Brighton Festival in May 2018, where bluebells will be in flower as they are in the the photo above.

You can listen to a preview of the work here.

About Woodland and Brighton Festival
Cushioned by soil and surrounded by leaf litter and new growth, Woodland is a meditative and deeply affecting audio work that creates a self-portrait of the body after death. Using spoken narrative with insights from forensic anthropologists and ecologists, Woodland is a gentle confrontation with mortality that imagines our body’s return to the earth.

Brighton Festival is the largest annual, curated multi-arts festival in England, and this year the Turner Prize-nominated visual artist David Shrigley is Guest Director.

Book tickets through Brighton Festival’s event page.

Exhibition from 12-13 May at Stanmer Park, Brighton.

Saturday – Sunday: all day from 8am, every 50 mins until 8.30pm

We’ll be there on both days, with a warm drink if you need one.

Where to go.