Waterborne at Dark Mofo 2018

Posted 6 April 2018 in Afterlife Exhibitions News

French & Mottershead, Waterborne, Estuary 2016. Photo: Briony Campbell

Following acclaimed outings at the Estuary Biennial and ANTI Festival, we are delighted to be taking our audio work Waterborne to Hobart, in Tasmania, as part of Dark Mofo’s 2018 programme from 14-24 June.

‘It’s a uniquely unnerving experience but for some reason, as we disembark,… all those who have been through it appear uplifted. Perhaps thankful they haven’t drowned, but definitely enriched by what is a genuinely remarkable piece.’ – Caught by the River

You can find info on the piece and the full programme here.

About Dark Mofo and Waterborne
Dark Mofo is a winter solstice festival based in Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia.

Created by Mona, the Museum of Old and New Art, Dark Mofo aims to explore the links between ancient and contemporary mythology, humans and nature, religious and secular traditions, darkness and light, and birth, death and renewal. It is billed as Tasmania’s largest contemporary arts festival and showcases artists working in a broad range of art forms, including music, noise, dance, theatre, film, visual art, installation, performance, new media, and also site-responsive audio works.

Waterborne takes you on a ride on the river, where you listen to the story of your body’s afterlife and the process of its decay in water, dissolving and dislocating as it is borne from a river, through the deepening estuary, and out to into ocean. For Dark Mofo, we have adapted the original work to the different flow and ecology of the water .

14 -18 June, from 2pm to 9pm on the hour, every hour
20-24 June, from 2pm to 9pm on the hour, every hour

Sailings from Franklin Wharf, Hobart.

Andrew will be in Hobart throughout.