Woodland at Times Museum, China

Posted 25 October 2018 in Afterlife Exhibitions

Woodland, Guandong Times Museum, 2018.

French & Mottershead’s audio work Woodland featured at In Time, the Times Museum Live Art Showcase in Guangzhou, China.

In Time featured a selection of work by British artists using live performance, installation and participation, that configured one-to-one performance and the art of the encounter in a variety of ways. Woodland, offered an encounter with yourself and your own mortality, within the urban nature of a residential housing estate. As well as the original English audio, we provided a Chinese version produced and beautifully translated by Guandong Times Museum.

Date: Saturday 20th Oct – Sunday 21st Oct 2018

Venue: Guandong Times Museum / Times Rose Garden III

Read more about the program here and a text by Andy Field to go with it here.