Listen to a life-affirming audio stream

Posted 17 June 2021 in News
Image: Waterborne at ANTI Festival 2017. Photo: Pekka Makinen.

We are delighted a new audio stream of our acclaimed Waterborne is now online as part of the Water season at Lancaster Arts.

Previously, Waterborne has been delivered during site-specific events on boats on rivers and at fixed waterside locations. Now, we have developed an online version that invites you to listen as you look out over a body of water of your choice.

ABC (Australia) has described this work as “an experience that mixes the putrid and the poetic and manages, by bringing the participant face to face with death, to be wonderfully life-affirming.”

The work is free and runs for 25 minutes, and you can experience it any time and as often as you like between 14 Jun – 27 Jun 2021.

Register for a link to the audio stream here: