Walking with nature in a winter town

Posted 27 October 2021 in News

We are really delighted our new work, Lull, an audio and visual walk pack that encourages you to explore how nature connected to King’s Lynn survives winter, has now been launched by Norfolk and Norwich Festival in partnership with Lynn Museum.

These limited-edition packs are on sale from Thursday 21 October 2021 – Sunday 20 February 2022.

You can find information on the project and buy the pack here.

About Lull and Norfolk Wonder Walk Packs
Lull invites you to take a winter walk through the town of King’s Lynn, as you listen via headphones to a story of how plants, animals and fungi bide their time, waiting for Spring.

Starting from outside Lynn Museum, the town becomes a habitat for the life you can and cannot see. As you wander, you’ll find yourself thinking of absences and arrivals, abilities and adaptations, and of your own seasonal and bodily rhythms. Until you realise you’ve arrived somewhere new.

Lull is experienced through a spoken narrative streamed to your smartphone. It has been written using insights gathered from local entomologists, botanists, and ecologists, combined with site research on overwintering strategies and habitats.

Each pack contains instructions to access the Lull audio, accompanied by materials that help illustrate or elaborate on data or anecdotes locating the walk in King’s Lynn. Including a map of habitats, a fold-out of animal tracks and average life expectancies, day length and temperature charts for Astronomical and Meteorological Winter, an image of a Peacock Butterfly, and a Brown Long-Eared Bat for the palm of your hand.

Lull is one of three Norfolk Wonder Walk Packs created by artists to frame a winter walk in towns on the Norfolk Coast. In Cromer, Sarah Lowndes’ walk, The Sea Cure, explores stories of the restorative powers of the North Sea, whilst Postcard Memories, by artist and composer Ela Orleans, recalls the magic of sending postcards by creating memories in Great Yarmouth.

A Norfolk & Norwich Festival commission for Norfolk Wonder, in partnership with Lynn Museum, King’s Lynn.

Dates: 21st October 2021 – 20th February 2022
Start point: Lynn Museum, Market St, King’s Lynn PE30 1NL
Price: £5

Walk and Talk event to be announced.

Image: Ilya Rudyakov.